Reporting Requirements for Labour Organizations and Labour Trusts Waived

December 21, 2016
Blog Post

In 2015, changes were made to the Income Tax Act to impose extensive financial disclosure obligations on labour organizations and labour trusts; information that would be made publicly available through publication on Canada Revenue Agency’s website. The broad array of information to be reported includes the salaries and benefits paid to particular officers, directors, trustees,… Read more »

Ontario Court of Appeal Confirms Condo Boards are Entitled to Deference

September 14, 2016
Blog Post

In a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision, the Court confirms that, as long as a Board of Directors acts honestly and in good faith, and exercises the care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person, the Board’s decision is owed deference. As long as the Board’s decision falls on the range of reasonable choices, a Court should not interfere.

The High Price of Not Treating Employees Fairly

July 18, 2016
Blog Post

A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is a stark reminder to employers of the obligation to treat its employees fairly and with respect, both during their employment and in the manner of their termination of employment.

Suspending Board Members: Lessons From George v. The B.C. Wildlife Federation

June 10, 2016
Blog Post

Federal and provincial not-for-profit corporate legislation contains rules that corporations need to navigate, particularly when dealing with a board member who has behaved inappropriately. The British Columbia Supreme Court recently dealt with some of these issues in George v. The B.C. Wildlife Federation, which sheds light on the rights of a board of directors to deal with a director who has acted inappropriately in the course of his or her duties.