International child abduction: When custody disputes go beyond Canadian borders

October 12, 2017
Blog Post

In this era of international travel, important questions arise for families with children. Namely, what do you do if your former spouse travels internationally with your children, and decides to throw away the return tickets? Statistics show that the idea of “stranger danger” has been overstated in the media, and that children are far more likely to be abducted by one of their parents.

When having a baby is a team effort

September 28, 2017
Blog Post

A surrogacy arrangement typically involves a few extra players who wouldn’t be present in a traditional pregnancy. Fertility specialists, lab technicians, sperm or egg donors and a surrogate and her loved ones come on board to assist a family in creating a new life. While it’s amazing to see how having a baby becomes a team effort, each new person who enters the equation increases the odds of a misunderstanding or miscommunication escalating into a dispute.

Revenge Porn: The Consequences of Publishing Naked Photos of Your Ex – Part 2

April 28, 2017
Blog Post

¬What happens if I share explicit images or videos of my ex without their consent? Is this a crime? Our previous blog post on this topic explored the Ontario Court of Justice decision last year, Doe 464533 v N.D., which recognized a new privacy tort for the first time in Canada called “publication of embarrassing private facts.” This post will look at the criminal repercussions for engaging in revenge porn.

Co-Mommas: A Historic Declaration of Parentage

February 23, 2017
Blog Post

What happens when two people who are not in a romantic relationship want to raise a child together? Does the law recognize these kinds of parents? In a Canadian first, our very own Marta Siemiarczuk assisted Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins in asking the court to declare them as co-mothers of Natasha’s son, Elaan.

Don’t Jingle All The Way To The Courthouse!

December 14, 2016
Blog Post

  The holiday season is supposed to be a happy, peaceful time to spend with friends and family. But for many families, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year. When you are separated, the pressures of making sure your children see grandma, grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles – and have… Read more »

Bill 28: How Does It Change Ontario’s Parentage Laws?

December 1, 2016
Blog Post

Earlier this week, the government passed Bill 28, the All Families Are Equal Act. This legislation will be proclaimed in force on January 1, 2017. It amends the Children’s Law Reform Act, the Vital Statistics Act and 39 other statutes to recognize the multitude of ways that a child can be conceived, and changes the wording in some laws so that gender references are neutral. It acknowledges the diversity of parentage and aims to end discrimination against non-traditional families.