Issues to Consider when Negotiating a Commercial Lease.

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Marijuana and Employment – Will I Be Able To Smoke at Work? Our employment lawyer Jim Anstey recently sat down to chat about marijuana in the workplace, what employees and employers should know about the law, and how they can prepare.

What’s fertility law? Our lawyers Pam MacEachern and Erin Lepine talk about what Fertility Law is and things you should be aware of when starting or helping someone start a family using reproductive technologies.


What are the most significant changes to the Construction Lien Act proposed by Bill 142, and how will they affect your business?

Interview with David Contant, litigation lawyer with our Commercial Litigation Group.

Current and past articling students talk about their experience at Nelligan O’Brien Payne

Each year, Nelligan O’Brien Payne hires articling students from universities across the country to work alongside our lawyers and learn all the intricacies of the legal profession. This tradition dates back many years. We gathered some of our current articling students as well as the ones who articled in the past and have now become lawyers and partners  at the firm to share share about their experience.

Carol Craig on Elder Law

Our lawyer Carol Craig talks about Elder law and how it combines several legal areas of law into one area of practice. Elder encompasses many different practice areas including such as discrimination in the workplace or in the healthcare sector… It deals with such issues as consent, capacity, power of attorney, estate planning, elderly abuse, housing just to name a few.

Craig O’Brien on slip-and-falls

Winter is coming, so what does that mean for local businesses? Commercial Litigation lawyer Craig O’Brien talks about how businesses can avoid and address weather-related slip-and-falls on their premises. Is that what you’re looking for? Please scroll to 2:35 to skip introduction