We offer this section in celebration of the life of a special friend and colleague.

Catherine Helen MacLean

Catherine Helen MacLean

On January 27, 2001, while walking with a friend along a neighbourhood sidewalk, Catherine Helen MacLean was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver. While her life was taken in such a tragic and senseless way, her legacy is one of hope and a passion for justice.

Remembering Catherine

Catherine was a friend and a mentor. She had a talent for seeing and encouraging the best in everyone whose life she touched. She was fiercely loyal to those she supported, and could be counted on to lend a sympathetic ear and wise counsel, as well as her famous wit, to any situation. Catherine believed passionately in social justice and was always ready to use her talents to assist those less fortunate.

Catherine’s impressive legacy is one of personal and professional achievements by advancing awareness of issues related to labour law and human rights. Catherine was one of Canada’s leading labour lawyers, specializing in the complex field of federal public service law. She was a regular visitor to the Federal Court, where she participated in numerous precedent-setting cases.

Catherine’s work for unions extended well past the courtroom. She was appointed in 1999 to the Advisory Committee on Labour/Management Relations in the Federal Public Service. This committee conducted a thorough review of union-management relations and collective bargaining relationships between the federal government and the public service unions.

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