Talk to us about our fees

When you retain our services, you are contracting for our time, experience, and breadth of professional expertise. Our general policy is to charge for the time we spend providing you with the legal services you require. We’ll respond to your needs promptly and efficiently.

We review our billing policies with all of our potential clients during or prior to the first appointment. We encourage clients to bring up any questions about fees, invoices, or expenses, at any time.

We encourage all clients to review our tips on how to help keep your legal costs as low as possible. Because lawyers bill by the hour, simple strategies such as being organized, preparing in advance for the meeting, and generally sticking to the facts can go a long way to reducing the time spend with the lawyer.


Understanding Our Fees. How to Keep down your legal costs

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Your account with us – retainers and disbursements:

In most cases, we require a retainer for every new matter. A retainer is a form of deposit. It is placed into our trust account in your name, and used as a credit that, in most cases, is applied to your final account. The amount of the retainer depends on the specifics of your situation.

As your file progresses, we incur disbursements (out-of-pocket expenses) on your behalf. These can include registration or filing fees, fees for experts’ reports, photocopying charges, long-distance telephone charges, special postage or courier fees, parking, and transportation costs. You are not charged for regular postage or local faxes.

If we are required to travel out of town on your behalf, you will also be charged travelling and accommodation costs.

The following are some important points to note about our fees:

  • We are obliged by law to charge HST on our fees and on many of our expenses.
  • If it is convenient for you to pay by credit card, we can make arrangements to do so.
  • In most cases we send out statements monthly, so you are always informed of the extent of your legal fees and expenses.
  • Additionally, our accounts are due on receipt of your invoice, and interest will accrue on the unpaid balance after 30 days.