Elizabeth Millar is best known for her ceaseless work in negotiating the Public Service Alliance of Canada's $3.5 billion pay equity settlement. From drafting the complaint, educating bargaining group teams, and representing the Public Service Alliance before the Tribunal and in court, to ultimately achieving the negotiated settlement, Elizabeth worked for over 20 years in this extremely significant effort.

After attending Memorial and Carleton universities, Elizabeth joined the Canadian federal government in what was then known as the Junior Executive Officer Program. Designed to hone new managers, this program gave Elizabeth broad, well-rounded experience in a number of government areas. After working in various areas of Human Resources, Elizabeth joined the Public Service Alliance of Canada. There, she headed the Classification and Equal Pay Department for many years. In this capacity, she provided a classification perspective on grievances, labour board applications and bargaining efforts.

Prior to the advent of pay equity legislation, Elizabeth addressed discrimination in job evaluation issues and the under-valuation of women's work. Elizabeth is committed to ensuring the ongoing success of pay equity for your membership-by preserving past gains and helping you ensure that your employer is committed to continual education, sensitization, and vigilance.